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The original funny dog pictures website

Isn't it amazing how some dogs just know when to pose for pictures? They will perk up their neck, tilt their heads, and give those "puppy dog eyes" dogs are famous for right before the flash fires. Some dogs will even wear costumes, like funny glasses or hats, in efforts to make their owner's smile. Well this website is here to archive these cute dog moments, and preserve them for future generations to enjoy!

So, if you are looking to get your daily fix of cute dog pictures and puppy photos, you have come to the right place. We have been collecting dog pictures for close to 10 years now, and are still accepting new submissions today! (Click here to submit your dog picture - funny and just plain cute dog pictures accepted!). We also accept funny dog stories, dog comics and dog jokes.

To help navigate this website, we have setup a few general categories of dog pictures, as seen in the top left corner of each page - the most popular are funny dog pictures, regular dog pictures, and dog pictures organized by dog breed. We constantly post new dog pictures as they arrive to the homepage as well, and randomly juggle pictures in the right column of the page on each page you visit.

Best of all, this collection of dog pictures is free to view, and updated regularly ! So please consider visiting our site every day to put a smile on your face. :)